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Created 20-Mar-10
142 photos

Taj Mahal grounds, AgraTaj Mahal grounds, AgraTaj Mahal, AgraTaj Mahal, AgraTaj Mahal early morning, AgraTaj Mahal, AgraTaj Mahal, AgraTaj Mahal, AgraSweeping mosque, Taj MahalTaj Mahal, AgraTaj Mahal reflection, AgraTaj Mahal reflection, AgraWomen at Taj MahalTaj Mahal, AgraYoung woman in red sari, Taj Mahal, AgraYoung woman in green salwar, Taj MahalMosque, Taj Mahal, AgraSilhouette, Taj Mahal, AgraTaj Mahal, AgraTaj Mahal view from Agra Fort

Guestbook for India
Lee McCollum(non-registered)
It was a lucky chance meeting in the Milwaukee airport that lead to the opportunity to view these beautiful photographs. Great work, Keith.
Darcy Massey(non-registered)
The photographs are stunning. Even better when I recall the photographer in action in Puna. It is amazing to me how you get these candid shots of people.

I have never been to these locations - and perhaps never will. Thanks so much for sharing your collection. The architecture is stunning. And personal shots like the back yard of Taj Mahal are remarkable.

Warm regards,
Margaret Sanders Jennings(non-registered)
Lovely! These remind me of all those wonderful National Geographic Collections. We are going to Ireland in early May. I look forward to some beautiful scenery as well.

I can't believe it has been a year since our reunion!

Kerry Hainze(non-registered)
Hi Keith,
Your pictures are amazing!! It looks as if you had a great trip. Thanks so much for sharing these with us.
Hope you and Sharon are well.
Take care,
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